Small Business Marketing Consultants Are Not Created Equal

I’m a small business marketing consultant. I help businesses:

  • Find their customers.
  • Audit their marketing.
  • Tell their story.

You probably found me on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Would you like new customers to find you? Internet marketing consultants and online marketing consultants are not created equal either. The best online marketing consultants help you create increased, targeted, and relevant traffic and customers to your website and business.  See my full range of marketing services.

Meet Stuart Atkins–marketing consultant, author, speaker, and adjunct marketing professor at the largest school of business in California:

My new book on internet marketing is also now available!  View the brief video & click the cover below for details:

Marketing ConsultantsYou must win the battle for digital attention. Advertising attention. Human attention. You have five to eight seconds to capture the attention of new website visitors. If you miss that opportunity, you may miss the sale. I can help you connect, acquire, and retain customers.

Good Marketing Consultants Write Great Thoughts

Good marketing needs guidance, not guesswork.  Not all marketing consultants are created equal. If you’re looking for marketing consultants, read their blog. Read their books: I’ve written two books. Talk to their clients. They should have at least one hundred posts to showcase their competence. If a marketing consultant can’t think and write for themselves, how can they think and write for you?

I can also help increase your sales and brand awareness with results-based marketing. Read my practical and sales-generating blog tips for a sample of my approach. See info about my marketing book.

Large followings on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn does not guarantee results. A large social media following does not guarantee large revenue. Popularity does not mean competence.

I listen. I consult. I write. I think. I speak. I create. It helps me become a better consultant and helps me earn your read and business.


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