I do small business marketing consulting.  I help you:

  • Find your customers.
  • Audit your marketing.
  • Tell your story.

I bet you found me on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  I can help customers find you, too.

Your company needs a marketing plan.  Good marketing needs guidance, not guesswork.

You have five seconds to capture the attention of your website visitors.  If you miss that opportunity, you miss the sale.  I can help you both acquire and retain customers.

I help you win the battle for attention.  Digital attention.  Human attention.  Advertising attention.

I can help increase your sales and brand awareness with results-based marketing.  Read my practical and sales-generating blog tips for a sample of my approach.  See brief info about my proven 5 Star marketing book.

Hear Marketing Consultant, Stuart Atkins, Speak Fluent Marketing:

Large followings on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn does not guarantee results.  A large social media following does not guarantee large revenue.  Popularity does not mean competence.

If you’re looking for a marketing consultant, read their blog and call their clients.  They should have at least fifty to one hundred posts to showcase their competence.  If a marketing consultant can’t think for themselves, how can they think for you?

I consult.  I write.  I think.  I speak.  I create.  I listen.  It helps me become a better consultant and helps me earn your read and business.


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