7.8% Unemployment Equals 14.7% Unemployment

Bottom line: 7.8% unemployment actually equals 14.7% unemployment, or better said, underemployment. U-3 masks the full math of U-6. U-3 is going down, not because there are more jobs, but because record numbers of people are leaving the workforce… Continue reading


Online Education: Harvard and MIT Join Forces


I’m an adjunct marketing Professor at the largest school of business in California, Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.  I’m also a small business marketing consultant.  In sum, I bring my marketing and consulting experience to the Continue reading


Turning Cardboard Into Cash: Caine The Nine Year Old Duck Tape Marketing Guru

This kid gets it.  He’s nine years old.  Some entrepreneurs go all their lives without turning cardboard into cash.  Caine blended the heart of a child, imagination, fun, cardboard, calculators, and simplicity into marketing and event magic.  I love this Continue reading