Some Thoughts on Green Marketing and Green Washing

Everywhere you read, search, listen, and watch, green is king. Whether it’s saving gas, electricity, paper, or the planet, going green can mean greener pastures and thumbs when it comes to our environment and your company’s bottom line. Green is in. Green is good.  Green marketing is also good, but it has to represent true green.

Green Marketing

However, with the ever-present emphasis on “greenness” also comes the need for how to communicate the enviro-message. Does environmental messaging sometimes sound more like a fad than reality? Does your product line include features and benefits that are just waiting to be communicated? Are you forcing green features into your products that may not exist?  Are you guilty of “Green Washing?”  Make sure you do green marketing rather than green washing.  There is a big difference.

Don’t be green just to be green. It’s more important to be accurate, rather than faddish, about what your product or service offers the environmentally conscientious customer.

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