Email Marketing, Social Media, & Mobile On Equal Ground

I often hear “marketing experts” discount the value of Email marketing.  They say e-mail is outdated, old, overused, and a tool of the past.  Wrong.  Very wrong.  In fact, I often say that e-mail was the first social media tool.  Think about it.  E-mail was the first effective social tool we used to communicate, attach files, and socially interact with multiple contacts at one time.

Question: did you check your e-mail before you read this?  Will you check it after you read this?  Will you check your e-mail multiple times today?  Will you act of some on those emails?  I know the answer.  So do you.

Below is a chart posted today by  eMarketer has superb articles, reports, charts, and information.  I really like their material.  Note the almost equal footing e-mail has with both social media and mobile from a marketing spend standpoint.

Companies are putting their money where there mouth is.  E-mail marketing is part of that diet.  Email also is slightly ahead of search in this chart.  Impressive.  E-mail is very much alive and well.

E-mail marketing works, especially when blended and integrated with both social media and mobile marketing.  Just a simple share bar on an e-mail marketing newsletter can significantly expand the reach of a good newsletter.  If you generate value-oriented, benefit-filled content, friends, work colleagues, and family members hit that share bar and off it goes to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  That’s content reach to people you have never met.  Not bad.

The data below speaks for itself.  Click on the link below to see the details:

The Power of E-mail

Now, go check your e-mail…

By Stuart Atkins


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