10 Reasons Why I Use Constant Contact

Constant Contact grows my business.  It’s one of the best decisions I made when I started my small business marketing consulting company in 2008.  Constant Contact is a great company.  Their product works.  Much of the success of my marketing consulting business is because of Constant Contact. Your business needs to be where your mobile customers are: their E-mail Inbox.

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I’m a ALE (Authorized Local Expert) for Constant Contact.  I speak at numerous local events as an elite team of business partners that helps to educate and assist small businesses and non-profits with the use of both e-mail marketing, social media, and internet marketing.  Note that over 500,000 small businesses and non-profits now use Constant Contact.  They tell the real success stories. The proof is in the e-mail pudding.

Constant ContactNot only do I use their e-mail, event, survey, and social tools to grow my business, I also help other small businesses on the use of Constant Contact to generate both revenue and increase customer engagement.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Why I use Constant Contact for both my business and my clients:

  1. The people who work at Constant Contact are professional, kind, skilled, and fun.  The strength of any company rests on the people who work there.  I just can’t say enough about how supportive the staff are.  From the CEO to the Area and Regional Directors and beyond, they really care.  And, they like non-profits that support kids–a great combination!
  2. Their products and services are first rate.  In short, they work and are easy to use.
  3. Their products and services are current.  They do a revenue-generating job of integrating e-mail marketing with social media.
  4. The tech support staff are excellent.  You get a live person in short-order and they are actually kind, courteous, patient, and knowledgeable.  They will “hold your hand” as you learn.  This is a rare attribute in this day of outsourced customer service and tech support chat rooms.
  5. Their pricing is fair.  Considering the high ROI of e-mail marketing, most small businesses and non-profits quickly recoup the minimal costs associated with a Constant Contact account.  The rest becomes revenue.
  6. They evolve and change.  They match the flowing river of ever-changing e-mail, social, web, and mobile trends that make it tough to stay current.
  7. They see the value of permission-based, customer engagement marketing verses traditional interruption marketing.  They show you best practices on how to earn and not “buy” readers and customers.
  8. Constant Contact’s business model starts with local businesses.  They move from small to big, not the reverse.  This is the essence of effective target marketing.  It works.
  9. They are open to suggestions and new markets.  As a small business consultant, author, speaker, and university adjunct marketing professor, they always listen to my ideas and suggestions.  I like that.
  10. They are big on free–free seminars, free 60 day trials, free training, free documentation and materials, tons of free content, and free support.  It’s free before you buy.  You know what you get before you commit with your bucks and your business.  That shows confidence and understanding.

Click on the link below to open your Constant Contact account.  The monthly cost is roughly the price of buying one lunch.  And, you’ll gain customers not pounds!  Become the 11th reason behind 600,000+ customers that use Constant Contact.  It’s worth both the reward and the revenue.

Click To Order Constant Contact Now

Best regards and a big thanks to Constant Contact!  Keep it up!

By Stuart Atkins


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