Engage, Don’t Buy Followers

If you have to buy followers then you don’t know what your selling.  In other words: don’t buy social media followers.  Engage them.  Go the extra social mile and connect with your followers.  Earn the follow.  Follow at least a category fit in roughly ninety percent of your follows.  Ten percent fun and the rest a match to your business, your passions, and your calling.

The following are reasons why not to buy social media followers:

  • It’s the easy way out.  Earn and engagement both start with the same letter: E.  This stands for effort.
  • It defies engagement.
  • It’s lazy.
  • It’s boring.
  • It comes across like an infomercial.
  • But wait, there’s not more!
  • It’s a digital bribe.
  • It does not impress most people.
  • Quantity is not quality.
  • A good follow is worth one thousand words.
  • It’s unprofessional.
  • It’s not target marketing.
  • It’s you, not money.
  • Meet; don’t cheat.
  • It’s a monetary form of spam.
  • It’s not permission-based marketing.
  • It’s not a popularity contest.

A follow or a like is much more than a debit card transaction or an ad.  It’s you and your business.  Don’t trivialize the time and effort people spend to engage the you in your brand.

So remember: shake a digital hand rather than a credit card.  Your reputation matters…



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