The Truth About Twitter

What’s the truth about Twitter? It’s a social powerhouse.  Short, simple, searchable, prolific, and perfect for smartphone content generation.  If you’re not tweeting every day you’re making a big social marketing mistake.  As much as I like Facebook, let’s “Face” it, Facebook is a time bandit.  Twitter forces you to create short, simple, and direct content.  I’ve used this social media tool for roughly two years and love it.  If you want to expand your brand awareness and engage with listeners and customer, check out the facts below.

The Truth About Twitter

To their own peril, many underestimate the power of 140 or less characters.  Political campaigns, the news media, entertainment, and tons of businesses have embraced tweeting.  Have you?  Why not start today?

Some Facts: 

  • There are over 465 million Twitter accounts.
  • 175 million tweets a day are generated.
  • 1 million accounts are added every day.
  • 5 new users every second.
  • 750 Tweets shared per second.
  • There are more searches on this social platform than Yahoo and Bing combined.
  • 50% of active users follow companies, products, or brands.
  • 67% of users are more likely to buy from brands they follow.
  • 79% are more likely to recommend brands they follow.
  • This social platform has consistent demographic representation in all major age groups.
  • 92% of Twitter users say they will retweet interesting content.
  • Twitter, as a micro blog, places your tweets into the democratization of the web, allowing you to become a citizen publisher every day.
  • This social platform allows you to participate in everything from politics to purchases.
  • Stu Atkins’ Twitter handle is @stuatkins
  • Why follow Lady Gaga when you can follow me?

Tweet, anyone?

By Stuart Atkins


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