How To Think About Twitter

Twitter is a micro blog with a macro impact.  It’s powerful.  How you think about Twitter determines whether 140 characters turns in to 140 followers in one day or 140,000 in one life-time.  This social media tool has created national and regional revolutions.  It has created famous people.  It has brought down famous people.  It has tracked, followed, and informed the world on topics ranging from politics to sports to celebrities to regional disasters and beyond.  One hundred and forty characters has created more than one hundred and forty million followers: This micro blog now has over five hundred million active accounts.

TwitterWith Twitter, big things come in small packages.  Don’t underestimate its power and influence.  Don’t take it lightly.

Below are some thoughts.  I’m getting tired of the word, “tips,” so I using a more powerful term: thoughts.  Thoughts are the beginning of products in marketing.  Thoughts first, business second.  Thoughts first, products second.  Below are some thoughts from my Twitter brain:

  • For followers, think quality not quantity.  Like with any blog content, its depth is far more important than its width.  Tweet good, thoughtful content, not fluff.
  • Avoid presence tweets.  I don’t care what you had for breakfast or where you are this second.  I care what you know and how it can help my business.
  • Thank your followers.  Again, thank but don’t pitch.  I would much rather receive a “Thanks for following, Stu” than a “Check out my new book or website” on the first Tweet or contact with a new follower.
  • Target your content.  Don’t just Tweet fluff.  Tweet what your target customer needs and wants.  Focus.  Write and think well.
  • Listen on Twitter.  Yes, listen.  It’s a great tool for capturing topic and customer sentiment.  Twitter loves trends so watch and listen.

Think Twitter.  Keep it on your brain.  From thought to action this micro tool can help turn your small business into a macro powerhouse.

Twitter happens. Now.

Stu Atkins


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