A Good Website Homepage?

There’s no place like homepage.

The Homepage is the most important page on any website. In most cases, it’s the first page visitors land on. It’s often the only page they land on. It’s the starting point for the rest of the site. If the home page does not deliver the visitor leaves. If you don’t get it right they may never come back. Never.

The first 300 words of the homepage sets the stage. It makes or breaks whether the visitor stays. It’s like a movie trailer and it better be good. The following list includes the must have elements in a good home page:

•  Ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of this page. One purpose.
•  Include your value proposition stated in the first paragraph, if not the first sentence.
•  Include your benefits statement listing the top three to five benefits you provide your customers.
•  A short video telling the story of your business. Two to three minutes max. Professional but casual.
•  Some closing content describing more differentiators about your business. Things that truly sets your product apart. What is unique about your product compared to the competition.
•  Include your business phone number and email address at the top of the page fold, easily visible.
•  Be careful to temp them about links to other pages of you site. Keep them on the page and be careful about including distractions.

And remember. Get to the point with short, active and not passive verb sentences. Don’t attempt to include our entire company story or descriptions of all your products or services. Leave that for other pages or blog posts, but please don’t flood the visitor with information. They can’t drink from a fire hose of content. Let them sip.

The homepage is the first step in the journey of your site. Make it count.

By Stuart Atkins


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