How To Increase Website Traffic

I really like what Anna Hoffman has to say regarding website traffic.  This YouTube video includes a wealth of tips about how to get website traffic, or better said, people to visit your website.  I also like how Anna stresses the importance of content–quality content and consistent content that delivers value.  Content filler does not work.  Quality content makes both search engines and visitors happy.  They enjoy their time at your website and come away with something to take home and use.

If you consistently focus on drawing traffic to your website with a balance of all three sources, you are well ahead of the game.  Don’t stress one over the other, unless your site is brand new and you need to direct targeted and relevant traffic quickly to your site.  There is no better than search engine traffic, or PPC advertising such as Google Adwords to do this.

Anna speaks of three key sources of website traffic:

  1. Direct Traffic.
  2. Referral Traffic.
  3. Search Engine Traffic.

If you understand and apply the best practices that drive all three, you are way ahead of the traffic game.  It’s a simple and three-dimensional approach to website traffic and why they come if you build it right.  Website traffic is not magical. Increased website traffic does not happen by accident but by effort. Focusing on the right areas pays off.  Listen and learn from this informative video.  It’s worth the view:

Pay a visit to Anna’s website, 

By Stuart Atkins


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