Kids Understand Marketing

Kid’s Marketing 101

Kids understand marketing. Why? Because they do four things:

  • They make marketing fun.
  • They keep marketing simple.
  • They use their imagination.
  • They tell stories.


Last week this “door drop” ad below showed up on our front porch. Some kids on our block have launched a new startup. It hasn’t hit Wall Street yet but I’ll let you know when they go public. They get it. I might just go knock on their small business door to place an order.

Kid marketing first has built in fun. Why not give the message and the meaning the fun factor. Let’s laugh with our products and with our customers. A fun product is a product that sells. Secondly, kids keep marketing simple. They don’t over complicate the message, the meaning, or the product benefits description. They get to the point. Thirdly, kids use their imagination. They think outside the common, adult box. Simple metaphor and images make the product come alive. And fourthly, kids tell stories that connect. A story draws us all in. We all love stories that illustrate the practical and fun nature of what our product can do for customers. We also remember stories since they implant in both our memories and our mind.

They didn’t limit their reach to just a lemonade stand. They placed some ads. Simple, direct, cute, and fun. Ads that warmed the heart of all the homes on my street, especially mine.

Black Friday is almost here. 2016 is almost here, too.

What’s your advertising strategy? Do your customers know your story?

My recommendation: Be A Kid and tell your marketing story.

By Stuart Atkins


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