Marketing Lessons Learned From This Past Year

Marketing Lessons Learned

What marketing lessons stand out from this past year? 2015 went fast. It came and went. Gone. And boy, it was fast–faster than the speed of life.

So as I ponder the days, months, and quarters gone by I learned a lot this past year. I was also constantly reminded that even though I do marketing for many clients, I can’t forget my own marketing. It’s neglect through necessity. I have to make a living and love doing marketing but keeping my own marketing strategy in place does a favor to my clients and Atkins Marketing Solutions. It establishes credibility and actually leads to more clients.

What follows is my marketing lessons pondering. Lessons learned, applied, and hopefully remembered:

  • Stay in shape. The stronger my body the stronger my brain the better thinking I do for my clients and my own marketing.
  • Keep reading. Everything I can get my hands on. From novels to internet marketing to history. Keeping stories in my brain helps me better tell my client’s stories.
  • Keep writing. Blogging matters and you need to do it at least two times per month and then post to your site. Keep it focused, relevant, and value-oriented. Write.
  • Connect. Events, speaking, social media, phone calls the continued human connection. It matters. In fact, my goal is to make more phone calls moving forward. Yes, email are sometimes quick and easy but human to human voice is critical for success. Sometimes people are shocked you call them back and actually talk human to human. There is no substitute.
  • Say no. Yes, no. Say no to customers or clients that don’t have a budget. Your time should be reserved for paying clients not tire kickers. It’s not fair for your paying clients to expend your valuable time to those who seek free advice. I said no this year than any other and I’m glad I did. It’s not easy but critical for success.
  • Raise your prices and your rates. Each year you’re better, smarter, more experienced and savvy. You also gain more references and proof of performance. Don’t be cheap. You’ve earned it and deserve it.
  • Get more sleep. Period.
  • Wake up earlier. Watch your time because it’s far more valuable than money.
  • Take the time to learn more. Grow. Get certified and challenged. Stretch yourself beyond comfortable limits.
  • Take some risks.
  • Fail.
  • Fail some more.
  • Advertise. Set a budget. Don’t advertise by panic but by a commitment to strategy.
  • Be more mobile. Mobile marketing, that is. It matters and will continue to drive the internet.

I’m sure I forgot a few and will add as I remember.

Happy new year and thanks for being a part of my marketing lessons learned.

By Stuart Atkins


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