Click Butt & Create Sales With PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising With Google Adwords Turns Moments Into Money

Moments matter. It’s what life’s all about. Now. In this moment. You are reading. Throughout your day there are multiple moments to create the linear duration of what we call a day. Because moments matter, PPC advertising clicks sales butt.

Your customers have moments, too. Buy moments. The more you capture those moments the more sales you get. Google Adwords is one of the most effective advertising tools every created. Ever. Google Adwords works.

Moments are a better way to target customers than demographics. Paper has a fading place but it can’t measure sentiment like search. Moments capture. Search customers chase you so you don’t have to chase them.

The best way to capture those micro moments of go, do, and buy is through search marketing. You know, the blinking cursor of Google that’s waiting to guide your search. You type what you want then up comes the results. If you capture the very moment of the intent to buy on the top 20% of the Google search results page, the chance of a sale increases. In fact, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online.

Nothing does that better than PPC advertising with Google AdWords, especially ads that target mobile phones. It’s safe to say that Google Adwords is the most effective advertising tool ever created. These ads are already a warm lead, not a shot in the dark.

In addition to other marketing services, I’m doing more Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for clients. Why? Because it click butt and creates sales. My clients get calls, site visits, clicks, brand awareness, and buys. Does your business need more moments and more sales? Are you getting measurable ROI with your advertising? What’s your ad sales conversion rate? Do you know your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) to acquire a customer? An AdWords account does and will tell you over time. Advertising should pay for itself. If not, something’s wrong.

Contact me now, in this moment, for an assessment of what PPC advertising with Google Adwords can do for your business.

By Stuart Atkins


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