Why Digital Advertising Works

Digital Advertising Works Over Time

Effective digital advertising and marketing works – too well! As a result, my business is expanding and I’m still adjusting to the growing pains. Take it from me, digital marketing results in growth.

More and more, I’m seeing that patience is a mathematical equation as much as a virtue. Effective digital marketing results requires the following equation: Time + Data + Patience. It takes time to get actionable data, yet once you get the data it takes patience to act effectively.

Digital Advertising

If you’re like me, you’re a bit impatient. I like to act. Let’s move forward and get it done. No time for small talk and wasting time. Do it now or why bother. Well, that may work in sports or war but not always in advertising. You must allow the data to speak. Quietly. “Listen to the silence,” as Gomer Pyle once said to a blind date.

If you’re thinking about doing some advertising, remember three things:

  • Advertising has changed. Most of my new clients call because traditional advertising doesn’t work like it used to. Digital gets it done. Start with a warm lead, not a cold piece of paper.
  • Advertising is a strategic cost of doing business. It’s not a rescue reaction to increase sales. Spend ad money consistently within a strategic budget, otherwise it might be too late.
  • Good digital advertising pays for itself, plus profit, over time. Patience does pay off because once you get accurate data things happen fast.

Do the math. It adds up. And, if you need more warm leads, site traffic, and sales visit my digital advertising services page then give me a call.

By Stuart Atkins


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