Marketing Strategy Questions

Marketing Strategy Looks at the Past and Future

The first quarter of 2016 is gone. It’s never to return. And thus I ask: “How’d it go for your business?” Did your 2016 marketing strategy start off strong? Or, did it even start?

Atkins Marketing Solution’s Q1 started strong. My objective was to grow longer-term marketing consulting sales and expand more aggressively into niche markets such as PPC advertising. In fact, my new AdWords clients must commit to a minimum six month contract. It used to be at least three months but I’ve learned that more data plus time helps ensure success for both my clients and my advertising management. If my clients don’t succeed I don’t succeed.

Below are some questions we all should ask ourselves for the remainder of 2016:

  • What are my top three marketing objectives for 2016?
  • What’s my strategic monthly marketing budget? The funds committed to grow my business. Marketing is not free. Good marketing never was. The social media and PPC advertising that works costs money. In fact most effective digital marketing costs money. Free won’t beat your competition.
  • What’s my CPA (cost per acquisition) of a new customer?
  • Am I paying for marketing that creates results?
  • What is the value proposition of my business and is it clearly placed in the top 20% of my website’s home page?
  • Do guesses or data drive my business?
  • Am I spending money on the tools that will create both efficiency and more revenue?
  • What does my business offer that’s remarkable, unique, and extraordinary?
  • Am I ready to fail, learn, and change with new customers and clients?
  • Do I really, I mean really, care about my customers and clients?

We all need to keep asking and especially doing.

By Stuart Atkins


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