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Click Publish To Become Gutenberg

Think about it. I mean, really, think about this. In the second it took to click Publish, you became a Gutenberg. The power of the written word sent worldwide in a matter of seconds. With one click, you shared your expertise with the world. No physical press. No approval process. With one click, your ideas mattered to both your customers and the world. The knowledge of your one brain became the knowledge of many. Having a blog integrated into your website is worth every letter, paragraph, and post.

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Prior to the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450, the transmission of knowledge was limited to the few. Scholars and institutional religious leaders held the limited books that were available. The common man had little or no access to printed material. Gutenberg’s printing press changed all that. The knowledge of the few became the knowledge of the many. Gutenberg created the Amazon of his day.

Thus, you’re a Gutenberg. The knowledge of the few is easily transmitted to the knowledge of many when you write and post about your area of expertise or interest. You know your business and topic better than anyone else. You are the expert. With the click of your publishing mouse, your website becomes your printing press. You can do in a matter of seconds what it took Gutenberg months to do. It’s a miracle, if you think about it. Click power is idea power. Click-publishing power is sales and branding power. Never before in the history of mankind has knowledge been so pervasive.

You are never limited by stovepipe editors, publishing houses, or thought-patrol concerns. Provided you create great content, add value, and offer inspiration to your readers and customers, your reach is limitless. It takes time, effort, and some basic SEO, but your ideas and brand reach can spread quickly. The very reason so many news publications are struggling now is because enough quality online content exists to challenge their past information monopoly. Granted, some content is worthless fluff. Not yours. Make it count, write often and write well. It will pay off.

Blogging paid off for two famous marketing and management gurus: Seth Godin and Tom Peters. You can watch the video in a blog post I wrote about it. What’s so remarkable about blogging in the lives of these two thought leaders is that they started blogging late in their careers. Both said blogging was the most significant step they ever took. Hands down.

Blogging was a milestone for two famous business leaders and innovators. This is significant. If it can change the lives of two business gurus, I bet it can change the way you think and act toward your business and customers.

By Stuart Atkins


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