Using AdWord’s Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads Expand Your Reach

Did you know Google introduced a new ETA for businesses? And I don’t mean when you’ll arrive. I mean how you’ll arrive at your customer’s fingertips and it’s called expanded text ads.

Google AdWords now offers Expanded Text Ads, allowing for 50% more text content in ads. This brings a big change in the way your clients find you on search and how you can connect with them.

I designed and wrote the ad below for a client. It’s an expanded text ad. Their AdWords account got them over 75 new call leads last month. Many of those turned into booked business:

Expanded Text Ads
 Now that your customers can receive more information from your ad, what do you want your story to be? With more space comes the opportunity for a greater message. This drives more informed, quality clicks to your site and calls to your business. It thus drives more sales.

As an AdWords agency, two changes stand out the most:

 Field Expansion:
We now have two headline fields followed by a single, longer description field. With more headlines comes more clickable space for clients. This also draws more accurate, quality clicks.
Display URLs:
We now have more control over the way a URL is displayed. Customers now have a better sense of where their click will take them.

As a digital advertiser, more ad text means the opportunity to tell a new story for my clients. Rather than simply adding a second line of text, I want to rethink the way they sell themselves. In order to make the most of the expanded text ad space, I’ll want to rewrite their stories as something new. Expanded text ads expand your story.

With greater flexibility and more room to share your story, you now have a greater chance to reach your customers. And that means customers have a greater chance to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Your business has a story. It’s own way to entice your customers and stand out. Now you have even more room to do so. Don’t fall silent. Stay competitive. Expand your reach and expand your ad space.

Make sure your customers arrive at your site and your business. On time. More details. More content. Higher click through rates. More sales.

Call or write me today to see how ETAs can help your business.

By Stuart Atkins


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