Things That Marketing Might Miss

The best marketing notices what’s missing then addresses that need with a solution.


In November 2016, I went on a bucket list one week hunting trip in South Eastern Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. What I saw and noticed, plus the people I met, will not soon be forgotten. From Mount Rushmore to Devils Tower to Deadwood South Dakota to the endless miles of ranch land that surrounded my stay. My base was in a hunting lodge in rural Alzada Montana, population 29. Yes, the size of a Southern California Starbucks for ten minutes. Small but strong.

While everyone else was stuck in the frenzy of Black Friday, I was enjoying some of the best America has to offer. Thousands of acres of Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota land.

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As I reflect on my trip, the following comes to mind as we kick in the 2016 holiday season:

  •  There’s power in simplicity. Keep it simple. I noticed a subtle, strong character in rural America that we often forget.
  • Get away from the crowds. Wide open spaces has a way of helping you think and keeping you humble. You realize how much you miss because your not looking. One notices the “wow” around you and then you say to yourself, “How did I miss that?
  • Take time off. Get away. If you’re one of those people that doesn’t take vacations or some occasional time “off the grid,” well, your missing out. Go somewhere you’ve never been, or, just head to the hills and breath some fresh air and listen to some silence. It’s good for your soul and great for idea generation.

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 I also visited the grave site in Deadwood South Dakota of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Her dying wish was to be buried next to Bill. And, it made me think: Have you ever seen a grave stone that read, “I wish I’d spent more time in the office.” Perhaps a little less time in the office may even make the time we do spend in the office more productive.
We have to make a living but we also have to live. Don’t let people or customers pass you by. Connect. Engage. Ask questions. Learn their story. Not to “sell” but to understand and learn. The best customers come from engaging rather than selling. Good marketing is far deeper than a “call to action.” How about a call to listen? The selling part then takes care of itself.
Let’s remember what matters. It’s good for both business and life.
By Stuart Atkins

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