How Landing Pages Create More Sales

Two Types Of Website Landing Pages

There’s two kinds of website pages: regular pages and landing pages. A regular website page would be a homepage, the first page most visitors land on. The home page should explain in five to eight seconds what your product or service is all about. The visitor then has options on that page to explore your business on the rest of your other regular website pages.

A landing page is different. It’s designed to do one thing: give the visitor one or two focused choices so they can take action. It is a targeted page designed to convert a click into a warm lead or a sale. A mobile call button or a buy button would be an example. A good landing page doesn’t have drop down menus or other miscellaneous choices to distract the visitor. It has one goal: Action.

Clicking on a pay per click ad such as Google AdWords or a Facebook ad is the best starting funnel to direct a customer to your landing page. A targeted, specific, relevant ad leads to a targeted, specific, relevant landing page. It’s all consistent with the goal of leading to an action. You can have the best written ad in the world, but if it doesn’t lead to a high-quality landing page, your ad will not covert to a sale.

Conversion Rates Measure Landing Page Actions

You then measure your conversion rate. A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a landing page that completes a desired goal out of the total number of visitors. If you had twenty-five visitors that clicked on an ad that directed them to a landing page, and five of them took specific action on that page, that would be a 20% conversion rate. There are other ways to measure this and track to actual purchases, but you get the idea. You can also test and tweak two pages at the same time to compare which performs better. I use custom measurement tools to help me track and report results for clients.

For example, the first regular website page image below has a 16 to 1 page attention ratio. Every red circle is a possible click choice. Sixteen choices on one landing page:

landing pages

The second dedicated landing page image below page has a 3 to 1 page attention ratio. Three choices on one page:

landing pages

Which page do you think converts more? If you think the second page, you’re right. Less choices per page equals more actions. More leads. And, more revenue.

A good website is important. Dedicated landing pages are critical. The best digital ads without great landing pages is like a Bentley without an engine. It’s pretty but it doesn’t take you anywhere.

Call me if you want to learn more about how great PPC ads and landing pages can generate more sales for your business.

By Stuart Atkins


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