5 Ways Hiring a PPC Specialist Contributes to Your Success

Ahhh, the age-old debate of generalist versus specialist. Which is better? It’s entirely circumstantial, and a bit like comparing a General Practitioner and a heart surgeon. One can cover a broad range of illnesses and is good for routine maintenance—not who you would go to when you need a heart transplant. In the same way, if you want to “keep your business alive” you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a PPC expert when it comes to running your PPC campaign. Here are just a few of the ways that hiring a PPC specialist contributes to your success:

Allows you to focus on your 20

The Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule, or Vital Principle, states that 80% of our output comes from 20% of our input. For example, 20% of our content creates 80% of our traffic. 20% of visitors create 80% of our conversions. 20% of idiots generate 80% of problems. Another way of thinking about this is 20% of actions produce 80% of results. Chances are, that 20% is whatever you excel at. A simple way to optimize results is by focusing on that lucrative 20%. Chances are, your 20% doesn’t include PPC, and if it does, then you’re the topic of this article.

PPC Pay Per Click

Hiring a PPC specialist contributes to your success in numerous ways, not least of which is enabling you to spend your valuable time and energy on other pressing tasks. Not only do they know the ins and outs of the trade, but they keep up to date with rapidly changing trends.

With its high ROI, an expert PPC campaign can be invaluable to small business owners. In companies where resources are limited, or for someone who wears more hats than Philip Treacy, PPC is too specialized for quick-and-easy DIY tactics. In fact, trying to do it all often comes at the expense of successful marketing and your marketing budget. So, while hiring a skilled PPC expert costs money at the outset, it should pay for itself and give you the freedom to do what you do best.

Eliminate Guesswork

Meticulous keyword research is an essential block in building a successful PPC campaign. If you don’t have the right words, your brand’s message will never reach the right ears. Funds go down the drain. Budgets are exhausted. When you hire a specialist, you’re in effect optimizing advertisements. PPC experts know how to conduct effective keyword research, and have access to a range of specialized tools that help do this…tools that might cost $100 per program per month. That’s probably not worth the price unless you have the time and resources to spend mastering PPC.

PPC experts also know how to research the competition, crafting ad copy that outperforms your competitors’, and subsequently CTR. There’s also the matter of campaign settings. Choosing how and where to target buyers is confusing, and without a thorough understanding of campaign settings you can easily end up overspending. Part of an expert’s job is knowing how to adjust these settings in a way that minimizes cost while reaching those buyers with intent.

Get an Outside PPC Perspective

The value of an outside perspective is the novelty of it. When a third party looks in, they may be able to identify things you had missed or generate ideas you hadn’t considered. Part of being an expert is having extensive past experiences with other clients. Having faced similar circumstances or challenges before, an expert draws on relevant insight to solve problems.

They also come armed with technical skills and specialized knowledge—enabling them to monitor important aspects of PPC such a negative keyword suppression, the proper keyword settings, effective ad copy, landing page usability, call tracking, keyword bidding strategies, and effective lead attribution and generation. By hiring a PPC expert, funds lost to a lack of experience with PPC and an understanding of the nuances of search marketing are significantly reduced. Hiring a specialist means your accounts are monitored by an experienced eye–experience that is only gained through thousands of hours of account management. And remember, a professional PPC agency often pays thousands of dollars a year for tools which allow them to custom manage accounts. These tools enhance the effectiveness of the stand Google platforms.

Custom PPC Solutions

Large marketing agencies often opt for a generic approach when it comes to AdWords and PPC. They may get you leads, but at the expense of cost per acquisition (CPA). CPA is the total amount spent on ads for the month, divided by the number of leads/conversions. Specialists know how to reduce the average cost per lead. A lower CPA creates higher profit for each lead, resulting in booked business. That means the higher the profit margin for your advertising budget—and higher ROI. Increasing PPC lead traffic while at the same time keeping the cost per acquisition low is one of the attributes that makes a specialist special.

Additionally, a specialist has a niche niche focus. Relevancy is essential to PPC success in that you need to target your unique audience with relevant ads and pages. So, specialists approach each challenge uniquely, offering personalized solutions crafted to suit your needs and mission.

There’s a sweet spot between PPC marketing and landing pages, a kind of conversion paradise. The key to finding said paradise is continuously testing and retesting ads and landing pages. By monitoring trends in site visitors, experts can determine the right keywords, adjust advertisement copy, reach the right audience, hold their attention with excellent landing pages and ultimately, increase conversions.

Increase Sales Conversions

Above all, what sets a PPC specialist apart is their ability to attain the right kinds of leads, and subsequently, more sales conversions. Although Google’s ever-changing algorithms cause continual shifts in the landscape of digital marketing, SEO and PPC remain the twin pillars on which site traffic rests. SEO helps potential clients find your website, but needs time to be successful. The appeal of PPC is that it offers immediate traffic, immediate feedback, and immediate data.

Accountable monthly reporting, tracking sales and understanding data are all intrinsic to the success of PPC, and requires a considerable degree of technical expertise. An agency may get you 100 calls in a month but the most important calls may be those in the three to five-minute range which shows customer engagement. When done correctly, this can have an immense impact on conversion rates. If it’s not done correctly, you can easily tell: with PPC you either see results or you don’t, and you see it in real time.

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