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Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales With PPC

PPC is one of the most effective advertising platforms ever created. Pay Per Click advertising reaches targeted and relevant customers now. Customers find you so you don’t have to “hunt” them. Cold calling is old school. Why force a cold lead when you can start with a warm lead?

Some agencies mechanically “manage” your AdWords account. We don’t.┬áMany agencies are a buffet, fast food style agency that’s a jack of many traits but a master of none. Few PPC agencies bring the full marketing context and wealth of marketing experience to their Google AdWords account management. We do. We apply our understanding of marketing, business models, and lead generation to your business. Our extensive product marketing and research experience makes for better pay per click results.

Don’t settle for a security guard when you need special forces.

Pay Per Click Advertising

What You Get With Our PPC Management:

  • Google AdWords & Bing account management by a digital marketing professional that focuses on results. Large agencies tend to be generic. We are custom, niche, and personal.
  • Custom landing pages creation and A/B testing. The best ads in the world will not convert without directing clicks to a great landing page.
  • Professional PPC account creation, management, and/or refurbishment.
  • Attentive and consistent bid management to help generate positive ROI on your ad spend.
  • Regular ad and keyword testing to increase click through rates and generate more warm leads.
  • In-depth account management tools designed to compliment the AdWords and Bing platforms. These tools increase conversions, account performance, and management efficiency.
  • Detailed monthly reports so you see lead attribution, call results, spend, and trends to better understand your business and its advertising results.

Additional PPC Management Benefits:

  • Proprietary call tracking technology so you know who, where, and why customers called.
  • Geo-targeted ads that run at the right days, times and locations.
  • Mobile optimized ads with strong placements so your company gets noticed.
  • Advanced keyword research to find buyers instead of tire-kicking customers.
  • Increased relevant website traffic.
  • Website landing page copy revisions to increase conversion rates.
  • Website usability analysis and revisions so visitors know what to do when they arrive on your website.
  • Attentive account management that produces calls, results, and more warm leads.


Attempting to run PPC by yourself, or using a cookie-cutter approach that lacks accountability and results often increases unnecessary ad spend. Effective, sales-generating AdWords PPC management is an art and a science. We sometimes see AdWords accounts that are poorly designed with incorrect keywords and ineffective ad copy and setup. That costs you money. Get the most for your ad money. Most AdWords accounts over time should pay for themselves plus profit.

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Advertising has changed. If your business doesn’t change with it, neither will your sales. We manage Google AdWords accounts for all types of consumer, vertical, product, and service markets. Whether you are retail, vertical market, high tech, or other business categories, we can help.

Hiring a generalist gets you general results. Hiring a specialist increases ROI based on specific and measurable results.

Contact Atkins Marketing Solutions for a custom needs analysis of your digital advertising PPC strategy.

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