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Looking for the best small business marketing books that turn a read into revenue?  Looking for small business marketing books that will help increase sales?

This small business marketing book is a practical and fast read.  Effective small business marketing is essential for new customer growth. My small business marketing book will show you…

  • How targeted marketing increases sales – page 17.
  • How to find and keep customers – page 37.
  • How to increase both website traffic and sales – page 75.
  • How to increase brand awareness with social media – page 105.
  • How to quickly write a business plan – page 69.
  • How a SWOT analysis makes your business more competitive – page 47.
  • How to capitalize on green marketing trends – page 145.
  • How to tell your marketing story – page 117.
  • How to grow sales using E-mail marketing – page 95.
  • How to turn minutes into money – page 133.
  • And more….

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“Marketing expert Stuart Atkins has written a useful short book
on marketing for small businesses, aptly titled “Small Business
Marketing: A Guide for Survival, Growth, and Success.
I especially like chapter 6 which gives a clear and simple explanation of SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis. If you don’t know how to do SWOT analysis, you must get and read this book, and start with this chapter.”

Bob Bly, World Famous Copywriter & Internet Marketing Strategist

“I have read a lot books on marketing over the years…only to find that the information was out-dated or so impractical that I would quickly realize that the author was only interested in writing a book to become a published author. Then I was introduced to “Small Business Marketing” by Stuart Atkins. From the first chapter I knew that this book was different. As I read chapter after chapter they confirmed that the time invested reading this book was time well spent. I have applied many of the suggestions outline in this book and they flat out work.

I consider this to be my marketing bible. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has a business or to anyone that is considering starting a business. Wisdom is learning from others experiences. Mr. Atkins, you hit this one out of the park!”

Financial Investment Planner & Small Business Owner, Orange County, CA

“This is a great book filled with simple steps that are clearly written and easily implemented. I love the way you have organized the subject matter and keep it interesting, fun and current. This is more than a book about marketing. This is really a book about small business strategies from beginning, middle and end. Great Job!”

M. Berry, D.C.
Katella Wellness Center
Orange, CA