Internet Marketing Book

Your Website Is The Foundation Of Your Digital Strategy

This internet marketing book helps your website sell while you sleep. Increase website visitors and increase sales.

Read And Learn How To…

  • Generate increased, targeted website traffic in 24 to 72 hours – p. 70
  • Capture the attention of the leading search engines with search marketing – p. 73.
  • Create simple, clear, and effective page content – p. 23.
  • Learn exactly where visitors click on each page of your website – p. 59.
  • Turn mobile traffic into more website visits – p. 127.
  • Learn what makes a good website home page – p. 173.
  • Learn tips for selling online – p. 180.
  • … and much more.

Imagine customers excited to visit your website. You can benefit from my website marketing book because it applies what I learned after working with over 200 small businesses. This book includes 12 chapters of sales-generating internet marketing tips. You’re going to discover many internet marketing instructions that worked for me — and they will work for you, too.

Buy this book and I will personally sign it for you.

I’m a small business marketing consultant, author, and adjunct marketing professor at the largest school of business in California. I’ve put the best of my website, the best of what I teach, and the best of my client’s digital results into this book. Read this book to make your website better. Read this book because search marketing equals more sales. For the cost of one lunch, you can turn website visits into more sales.

Website Marketing Book Reader Comments

This internet marketing book works. Over and over again readers tell me how much they loved this book. They often say it’s easy to read, practical, funny, and insightful. One reader said, “It is a quick and enjoyable read, yet power packed with great information for a busy small business owner. He explains the important details, and then lays it out easily for you with specific bullet pointed instructions.” Another reader said, “You can complete the book and implement many of the strategies he suggests in just a few weeks. Time well spent and a bargain compared to the amount of time and research you would have to do on your own for each of the items he covers if you were to do it yourself.”

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