Marketing Services

A professional small business marketing consultant gets results. Does your marketing pay for itself? If not, perhaps it’s time to reboot your marketing strategy and services. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses with marketing. I founded and run my own digital marketing agency. I understand small business needs. Small business success requires big business thinking.

Marketing Consulting Services:

  • Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website Design, Usability, Development, Content Creation, Basic SEO, and Messaging
  • Product Management, Naming, and Branding
  • E-Commerce Development and Strategy
  • Channel and Distribution marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Research & Communications
  • And more…

Choose A Marketing Consultant Carefully

Not all small business marketing consultants are equal.  If a marketing consultant cannot create their own content and ideas, why hire them to create yours?  Before you hire a consultant, look at their blog, books, speaking, and thought leadership.  Do they “play” consulting or can they do consulting?  If you want leading thoughts to drive your business, then hire a thought leader.  See for yourself by reading my blog.  See for yourself by reading my books.

Marketing Consulting
Marketing Consultant, Stuart Atkins, Speaking at the Orange County Product Camp Event.

Marketing consulting is key for brand awareness and revenue growth. Small businesses have limited time and resources. Business owners sometimes wear all the hats at the expense of marketing functions. Revenue suffers.  Atkins Marketing Solutions is a remote or on-site marketing consulting resource for daily and last-minute marketing support and backup.